WEZONE Terms Of Use

Article 1 (Purpose)

The purpose of this Terms of Use is to set forth the basic rights, obligations and responsibilities between [ ] and the users (hereinafter referred to as the “User”) and any other necessary matters in connection with the use of Wezone (Wezone website “wezone.com,” its application and services. Collectively, referred to as the “Service”) of VineTech Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”).

Article 2 (Definition of Terms)

The terms used in the Terms of Use are defined as follows:
1.“Service”means all the services provided by the Wezone web site and its applications that can be accessed by the User through the wired and/or wireless terminal.
2.“User” means the service user who agrees to this Terms of Use and has completed the user registration.
3.“User Name” means a combination of letters, numbers and special symbols that the User has determined, and the Company has approved, for the User identification and service use.
4.“Password” means a combination of letters, numbers and special symbols that the User has determined for confirming that the User matches the User Name assigned to the User and ensuring the confidentiality.
5.“Account” means a log-in account based on the User Name and the Password.

Article 3 (Notification, Effect and Amendment of Terms of Use)

1. This Terms of Use shall become effective after being posted on the service screen or otherwise notified to the User.
2. The Company may amend this Terms of Use in case of any reasonable cause, provided that such amendment does not violate the applicable laws and does not unduly infringe on the legitimate rights of the User.
3. If the Company amends this Terms of Use, the Company shall make the announcement by specifying the date of its application and the reason for the amendment, together with the current Terms of Use, from 7 days prior to the date on which the amended Terms of Use shall become effective (hereinafter referred to as the "Effective Date"). However, any amendments to the important regulations regarding the rights and/or obligations of the User shall be announced at least 30 days prior to the Effective Date of the amendment and shall be sent to the e-mail registered by the User.
4. If, in announcing or notifying the amended Terms of Use under Paragraph 3, the Company announces or notifies that the User’s failure to refuse within 30 days from the date of the announcement or notice will be deemed as the User’s acceptance, and the User fails to explicitly refuse, then the User shall be deemed to have consented to the amended Terms of Use.
5. If the User disagrees with the amended Terms of Use, then he/she may cease the use of the Service and withdraw the user registration.
6. The User shall be obliged to be on notice of the changes of this Terms of Use, and the Company shall not be liable for any damage caused by the User’s unawareness of the amended Terms of Use.

Article 4 (Interpretation of Terms of Use)

Any matters not specified in this Terms of Use shall be governed by the relevant laws and regulations or the individual terms of use for the services, operating policies and rules, etc. stipulated by the Company (hereinafter, the "Detailed Instruction"). Moreover, any matters not set forth in this Terms of Use, or the interpretation thereof shall be governed by the "Individual Terms of Use" and the relevant laws and regulations, and any matter not specified by the law shall be governed by trade usage or practices.

Article 5 (User Subscription)

1. If an applicant wishing to use the Service, the applicant shall apply for the subscription by indicating that the applicant agrees to this Terms of Use. The applicant’s subscription shall be completed when the Company accepts the application. In such case, the applicant shall be considered to have agreed to the following items.The applicant further acknowledges and agrees that he/she agrees to this Terms of Use and that any actions may be taken if he/she violates this Terms of Use.
2. In principle, the Company shall accept the application from the “applicant,” but may defer its acceptance or reject the application, or may subsequently terminate the user agreement in each of the following event:
① In the event that the Company had deleted the User Account;
② In the event that the User attempts to create the Account by using personal data, such as name or e-mail address, of other person;
③ In the event that the applicant fails to input any necessary information or inputs false information;
④ In the event of any violation of other relevant laws and regulations, or contravention to the standards, such as the Detailed Instruction, set by the Company.
3. If the User is found to have created an account in violation of the above provisions, the Company may immediately take appropriate actions, such as suspending the use of the Service by the concerned User or deleting the Account.
4. The Company reserves the right to suspend the creation of the User Account in each of the following event:
① If there is no realistic capacity for the provided service facility;
② If it is determined that there is a problem with the technical aspect of providing the Service.
③ If the Company deems necessary for financial or technical reasons.

Article 6 (Change of User Information)

1. The User may inspect his/her user information at any time through the setting menu, etc., and may modify the information through input on the corresponding page or by requesting to the Company.
2. The User shall notify the Company of any changes in input provided at the time of the application for the subscription, and the Company shall not be liable for any disadvantages caused by the User’s failure to notify such change.
3. In case of changing the e-mail address, the User shall notify the Company of such change or register the change by changing his/her personal information without delay, and the Company shall not be liable for any damage caused by not changing the User's information.

Article 7 (Postings and Copyrights)

1. The User may post contents, such as photos, texts, information and images, on the Service (hereinafter referred to as the "Posting"), and the User retains the intellectual property rights, including copyrights, on such Postings.
2. If the User posts the Postings on the Service, the applicable Posting may be exposed to all of the Services. This Posting shall survive even after the User stops using the Service or withdraws from the Service.
3. The User shall have the necessary rights to the Postings posted on the Service. The User shall be liable for any issues arising from his/her failure to possess such rights. Moreover, the User shall not be permitted to publish or post any content that is sexually explicit, violent, or otherwise violates the laws and/or public order.
4. If the Company determines that the User's content is in violation of laws and service policies, the Company may remove it or refuse to post it. However, the Company shall not obligated to review all the contents.
5. The Service may display some contents that the Company does not have ownership of. For such contents, the entity that provided such contents shall have full responsibility. The use of the Service by a User does not, in and of itself, indicate that the Use has any right to the other users' contents. In order for the User to use the contents of another user, he/she shall obtain a separate permission from the content owner.

Article 8 (Available Hours of Service)

1. In principle, the Service shall be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, the Service may be temporarily suspended for the periods specified by the Company for reasons such as system check, expansion, replacement or breakdown. In such cases, the Company shall provide a prior or post notice to the User.
2. The Company may separately set the available hours for each range by dividing the Service into a certain range, and shall announce the details thereof.

Article 9 (Change and Suspension of Service)

1. The Company may change the Service by notifying the User of the details of the Service to be changed and the date of providing the changed Service.
2. The Company may limit or suspend all, or any part, of the Service in each of the following case:
① In case of inevitable reasons, such as expansion or repair works of facilities for the Service;
② In the event that it is inevitably necessary to suspend the Service, due to difficulties that the Company has no control;
③ In the event of any interference with the normal use of the Service due to excessive use of the Service;
④ In the event that the Company deems appropriate, such as replacing with a new service;
⑤ In the event of force majeure events, such as power failure, natural disasters or national emergencies;
⑥ If the Company suspends the Service under Paragraph 2, the Company shall notify the User of such fact. Provided however, the obligation of notice shall not be applied to cases where it is not possible to provide an advanced notice due to interruption of the Service due to reasons beyond the Company's control (disk error or system down caused without operator's intention or negligence).
⑦ In the event that the Service is not available due to the reason attributable to the Company even if such cause cannot be controlled by the Company

Article 10 (Termination of Use Agreement)

1. The User may apply for a termination of the Service Use Agreement by using the menu provided in the Service, and the Company shall promptly process as stipulated by the laws and regulations.
2. When the Use Agreement is terminated, the User information shall be deleted, unless such information is stored pursuant to the laws and regulations and the privacy policy. Provided however, in the event that a Posting created by the User is posted by a third party through clippings or other sharing functions, or the User added a Posting, such as a comment to a third party's Posting, etc., it shall remain in the Service without being deleted to the extent necessary for a normal use of the Service by the other users.
3. Even if the Use Agreement is terminated, the User may re-apply to the Company for the execution of the Use Agreement. Provided however, for some services, there may be time limitations in re-execution of the Use Agreement.

Article 11 (Restriction or Suspension of Service Use)

1. In each of the following event, the Company may take measures, such as warnings to the applicable user, restrictions on the use of the Service, suspension of the Service or permanent withdrawal of the Service, and the Company may claim indemnification for any damages incurred thereof to the User.
① In the event that the User intentionally or negligently interferes with the normal operation of the Company’s Service;
② In the event that the User breaches the obligations provided in each applicable provision;
③ In the event that there is any significant criminal offense, such as illegal use of other’s name and stealing of payments, illegal communication and hacking, distribution of malicious programs and exceeding of access rights, etc.;
④ In the event that it is deemed improper to continue providing the Service due to other serious reasons
The Company has the sole authority to determine the violation of Paragraph 1, and in case of suspension, all benefits from using the Service shall be extinguished and no compensation shall be provided.
2. If the Company decides to take sanctions against the User pursuant to Paragraph 1, the Company may immediately enforce the sanction, and shall provide notice to the email address registered in the user information. The User may file an objection via email within 7 days from the date of receiving the notice from the Company. In such case, if the objection is found to be justified, then the Service shall be resumed immediately, and the lost benefits shall be restored.
3. The User or a third party who has suffered from invasion of privacy, defamation or copyright infringement, etc. by the other users' Postings may request the Company to delete the concerned Posting and to sanction the concerned User by explaining the details of the infringement. In such case, the Company, at its discretion, may take actions on the concerned Posting or the concerned user.
4. If the Company deems that the Postings posted on the Service infringe the rights of a third party, such as invasion of privacy, defamation, copyright infringement, etc., or if the User interferes with the other users’ use of the Service, or if there are other serious reasons that the Posting should not be posted, the Company, at its sole discretion, may take actions, such as blocking, deletion of the Posting or sanction against the users, even without a report.
5. If another user or a third party takes legal action against the User or the Company, based on infringement of legal interests from to the User's Posting, the Company may temporarily restrict the access to the relevant Posting until the court makes a final judgment from a legal action. A person who requests actions on Postings shall take full responsibility in explaining the legal action or the final judgment of the court in connection with the restriction on the access to the Posting.

Article 12 (Indemnification)

1. The Company shall not be liable for any damages incurred by the User when the Company is unable to provide the Service for each of the following reasons:
① Any damage incurred due to natural disasters or any similar force majeure events;
② In the event of a failure to use the "Service" for reasons attributable to the User;
③ Any personal damages arising out of accessing or using the Service;
④ Any damages caused by a third party’s illegal access or use the Company’s server;
⑤ Any damage caused by a third party’s interference with the transmission to and from the server;
⑥ Any damage caused by a third party’s transmission or distribution of malicious programs;
⑦ Any damage caused during a third party’s use of the Service, such as deletion, omission or destruction of transmitted data, or defamation.
⑧ Other damages caused by the reason not attributable to the Company
2. The Company shall not guarantee the reliability, accuracy, etc. of the information, data or facts posted by the User regarding the Service. Moreover, the Company shall not be liable for any damages incurred by the User thereof.
3. The Company shall be exempted from liability in case of any transactions between the Users or between the User and a third party through the "Service."

Article 13 (Dispute Resolution and Competent Court) (Governing Law and Jurisdiction)

1. Any litigation between the Company and the User shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Korea.
2. Any lawsuit on the dispute arising out of the use of the Service shall be submitted to a competent court pursuant to the Civil Procedure Act.
3. In case of the User who has his/her address or residence in a foreign country, any litigation arising out of between the Company and the such User shall be resolved by the Seoul Central District Court.